First two winter super 8 tournament matches

Winter super 8 cricket tournament

Update 11/12/2017

Launchers vs Shaheen – Shaheen won
Launchers vs umadbro – Umadbro won
Shaheen vs Kashmiri Lions – Shaheen won
Kashmiri Lions vs Umadbro – Umadbro won

Next I think Launchers plays Kashmiri Lions

We lost both the matches.
Both teams we played batted first, and made over 100 runs in 8 overs.
We were unable to chase the totals.

Update 11/09/2017
We did not play the tournament matches last Friday.
They have been rescheduled for tomorrow, same matches.

Launchers is playing two matches this Friday.
Starting with versus Shaheen.
Then, versus u mad bro.

These should be two interesting matches.