Hello folks,

I went to the MYNA soccer event today, and it was really fun.

I got to play as a goal keeper on Sameer bhai's team, and we won the first soccer match 4-1 which was versus my brother Junaid's team.

Then we played the final, and we lost 3-4. The final was vs Ahmed bhai's team.

It was really close.

There were many people who attended.

We ate pizza, and the whole event was really well organized.

Looking forward to another event like this.

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I am enjoying here in Karachi. I have met quite a few people, went outside to restaurants, played cricket with nephew and some other people, done other things too. The trip has been fine uptil now. Although I miss Austin, and feel like being there. :) Hope to be back in Austin soon.

Hello everyone,

I have finally graduated from ACC on August 13 2013 although I am posting this message now. I received the associate of applied science degree certificate as well. I am thankful to God for helping me throughout.

M rules!