Get a music playlist


So let me explain what I can do for you

You can submit 5 songs by 5 different artists/bands, and I will give you a FREE playlist of 5 new songs.

These new songs will be similar to the ones you provided.

If you want a 5 more song playlist, it’s only $2.5 via paypal, if you like the free playlist I created for you.

This will only help me try harder, and get better at this.

Please provide the right artist name/band name, and song name/title, which you have in your spotify library, or iTunes library, or amazon music library.

If the song title, with artist/band name you provide only exists on let’s say youtube, then it will be harder for me to make a playlist for you.

So try to stick to a song that exists in the most popular music apps, like spotify, apple itunes, or amazon music.

I am only doing English songs at the moment, maybe a few Pakistani or Hindi songs, if you want me to give that a try, but other languages I will not be able to do at this time.

So please fill out the form, and let’s get it going for you and me.

I will contact you via email, once you submit the form, and I should have your playlist ready within 1-2 days. If I don’t get in touch with you within 1-2 days, please send me an email again.

I can share with you my paypal email, if you are interested to buy more playlists.

The price is $1 for 2 songs.

I hope we can work something out, please fill out as much information in the form as possible.